Cats & Plants


Cats & Plants is the debut book from Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn. The 152-page book includes more than 200 rich color images of the artist’s curious cat collages, and features felines balancing plants (and sometimes shells or minerals) on their furry heads. There are Calicos and cactuses, Siamese and succulents, and so much more.

In conjunction with the book, Zioxla has also released a limited-edition print, which is available here. For each book or print sold on this website, a can of cat food will be donated to a non-profit organization that saves cats from shelters and places them in loving homes.

Please note: Our books ship from Europe, and do take some time to arrive (about 7 to 10 days to the U.S. or 2+ weeks to Australia & Asia). We apologize for the length of delivery, but this allows us to keep the cost of shipping down for our customers (regular mail, which still takes about 7 days to arrive, would cost $27 per book). However, if you would like to pay for faster shipping, please feel free to email us. Other items (such as the prints or pins), ship from our California office, and arrive much faster.


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